New begginnnigs.

So you all probably know that I got layed off from my job at Icing by Claire’s. They can suck it. I’ve worked their for close to six years. I was probably they’re best ear piercer.

O well. Time to be able to do what I feel like I was called to do in my life: professional journalism. I can finally be the tough and gritty band blogger that this world really needs.

I’m on a bus heading to Portland Orgegon today. I thought I’d catch the last couple dates of the Used tour. Just foudn out the Used aren’t playing tonight! GRRRR. At least I can hang out with the other bands since we’re friends now. Hopefully theyll be so excited that I’m there that theyll invite me on the stage and theyll play even harder and maybe sell some more merch and gain more fans who like them like me who actually care about the bands and travel to see them and ask them the tough questions that people want to know about. LOL.

Have anybody heard about Soundwave Fest in Australia? I’m trying to get my tickets now. I know I can get some good interviews if I can get over there. Faith No One, Jan’s Addict, Paramore, ALL MOTHEREFFING TIME LOW, and some other smaller bands are playing. I guess we’ll see what happens LOL!

I love making up my own words to this song.

"so no one told me the used were going to be this cool."


House of Blues (Myrtle Beach, SC)

Today I was lucky enough to get to house of blues in Myrtle Beach. It took me 3 days on a bus from Des Moines but it was worth it when I got there and got to hang out with my favorite band THE USED. They’re definitely in my top.

I got lots of awesome video and I’ll be putting it on the internet real soon so all you fans can watch my awesome video.

Happy Halloween you guys. I’m trying to think of something funny to be for halloween. I think I’ll be Berd from the Used again. I was him last year and the year before. I’ll try and get pictures this year omg. Maybe I’ll dress up as Alex from All Time Low. Who knows?

I’m in love with this song right now. I can’t stop singing it. Have you guys heard it yet?

I came from LA. Can’t U tell?

I came from LA. Can’t U tell?

My first (1st) blog.

Hi my name’s is Gabriel Gideon but all my band best friends call me Gabe. I usually go to shows. When I don’t go to shows, I’m sleeping. LOL. No but for real. I work at Icing By Claires at the mall. I came straight from LA (Los Angeles LOL) but I live in Des Moines, Iowa right now. It rocks! I’m here with my mom just for a little bit till I get back on my feet.

Here’s some more about me. LOL. My favorite think in the world is music. I love rock bands like The Used (where good friends), Simon And Garfunkel, and All TIme Low. I thing these bands are the future of music. If you disagree that cool. But I’m entitled to my opinion thank you very much LOL.

I’m hoping to be able to get interviews with my fave bands to be able to help them to be able to get bigger and to be able to get on better tours and shows and to be able to become closer to their fans so that they are able to make better music.

Keep checking in to see what’s up with me!